1 January 2014

Clean Sweep

It's time for a clean sweep.
I've been blogging here since 2004.
I have made some wonderful friends, been inspired, and enjoyed sharing inspiration in return. 
But my life, and the ways we connect and share, have changed and moved on.
Making, creating and living sustainably are still central to my life, but I lack the time to maintain this space here, to share things with anyone who cares to read.
Instead I'm stripping things back, creating and sharing with close friends, in person and selectively on-line.
I may be back here later, but for now it's time to clean this space up.
Happy making, and thanks for reading.


  1. I wish you luck! I have been struggling with this as well. Communication methods with crafting has definitely evolved.

    I was using your handmade box bag and needle book yesterday and I wanted to say thank you. It's one of the most loveliest handmade items and I use it every week. Thank you and best of luck! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your life on these pages - and will enjoy checking in on your lovely face in other ways. Here's to 2014 bringing joy, resilience and comfort. xxx

  3. It's always a pleasure to read you here, but I understand why sometimes here isn't the place to be. I hope you'll be back one day, but in the meantime I'll catch you in the real world xx

  4. Enjoy making! I've certainly enjoyed what you've made these past 6 years.

  5. Whilst I completely understand your decision, it does make me a little sad. I'm grateful for your sharing and making....always inspiring me to push myself a little more to try things...Japanese patterns!!!!!

    Recently, I made the teepee for my son. He loves it. Thank you for sharing that pattern.

    The process of making it was fraught, as it sometimes can be, for no real reason! I must tell you that I was tired when trying to cutting it out at night...so tired that my husband was called in to help with the measuring. After some discussion, my husband said, "You say, the person that drafted this pattern is an architect, well there HAS to be clearer instructions than you are conveying to me!" There were, he scrolled to the bottom of the document, saw the drawings, drafted the pieces from your instructions/measurements and cut them out!!!

    So thank you and best wishes for all your future making.

  6. I'll miss your writing here, it's one of the blogs I've read right from the beginning, but understand how hard it is to keep all the balls in the air. xx